Lars Juel Nielsen

Full stack web developer


I’m a web developer, with a background in software and general product development. On this site I mostly blog about full stack web development, Linux, and FLOSS.


As I no longer run Windows I’m switch from ASP.Net MVC to WordPress, LEMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB/MySQL, and PHP) and Node.js for back-end web development.

While switching to ASP.Net Core would be the obvious choice it isn’t used widely enough in Denmark to make sense for me professionally yet, therefore I chose to go the PHP route instead.

Node.js also isn’t used that much in Denmark, but I’m interested in it as a hobby though I’ll mainly focus on PHP.


I have mostly worked with Razor views, some HTML5, CSS3, vanilla JavaScript, TypeScript, and a bit of Angular 2+.

Moving forward I’m focusing on HTML5, CSS3, vanilla JavaScript, React, Angular 2+, and WordPress.


I’ve mostly used MSSQL and am now switching to MariaDB/MySQL for relational databases.

I have also used MongoDB and Neo4j a bit and am working on getting better at those for when I need a document- or graph- database.


I think free and open source software and hardware is a good idea and try to use it whenever practicable.

I prefer Linux and run Arch Linux at home and usually either Debian or Ubuntu on servers.

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